Bree Robertson

Childcare Supervisor

Bree Robertson

Childcare Supervisor

Specialist areas

  • Creche Supervisor
  • Creche Bookings
  • Creative Genius


  • First Aid / CPR

Q. What is your guilty pleasure?
A. Online shopping and food
Q. Favourite training day?
A. Back, legs and glutes
Q. What is your superpower?
A. The ability to bring a positive change to others and to inspire more people to spread kindness
Q. What or who is your Inspiration?
A. My biggest inspiration would most definitely be my mum, she is everything! A strong, independent women who is my everything

I was born in Ipswich and moved to Yeppoon at the age of four. Growing up I loved the beach and always will. I enjoy camping, going on holiday to see relatives and going on the funniest adventures with my younger sister. I literally had fun wherever I went. When I started high school I started playing sports. From year 7 all the way to year 12, my weeks were filled up by rugby league, union and touch. At the end of year 11 was when I started my first real job at Woolworths.

I first came to Ready 24 as a gym member. Whilst being a member I was then offered a job in the creche as a supervisor and I have enjoyed every moment. With the love of being in the gym I am now embarking on continuing my studies within the fitness industry.

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